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In the times that we live in there is a large focus on people’s health. Science is continuously researching how fitness and nutrition can truly benefit peoples health and longevity. Studies have clearly shown us that the food we eat and consume combined with the physical activities that we perform are the key to chronic disease prevention, thus improving our personal health for the long term.

When you look at fitness and nutrition and understand the consequences of not following a proper diet and participating in very few physical acitivities in your life, you will start to understand their true importance. Nutrition wise, sticking to a diet plan is of great importance because the food we eat is what will determine our future health. Natural and whole foods are the most beneficial to eat on a diet; fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein meat are the types of food that supply our bodies with the vitamins that we need. The more vitamins a person consumes, the more energy they have. Then we channel that energy into fitness activities and ultimately burn more fat. Eating healthy foods allows us to relief some stress off our heart, thus giving it a longer lifetime; it also helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels within a balanced range. Finally the most important benefit being is when you eat healthy, you gain more antioxidants in your body, these antioxidants help to fight off numerous illnesses including cancer.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness in every case, simply following a diet plan isn’t good enough. While eating healthy it is extremely important that your body gets enough workout to use up that food. Physical activity is the only way that will keep your heart pumping and lively, the more your walking around and doing things the better. One of the most obvious things about fitness that people overlook is that it doesn’t mean exercising day and night, or attending gym every day. In fact, fitness can be done by anyone and with absolutely zero cost. Fitness simply means to move your body in any way, this means even a game of basketball is considered fitness. Here are some examples of fitness activities that anyone can do at home or at a local park:

1. All types of sports (basketball, football, tennis, swimming etc…)

2. Cycling & Running

3. Dancing

4. Even playing chasing games with your kids

As you can see, fitness and nutrition are very important aspects in your life. If you intend to live longer with a healthy lifestyle then incorporating a proper diet plan as well as participating in physical activity and fitness is very important. I hope that in this article you have learnt that nutrition and fitness is an easy to understand concept and that fitness can be as simple as using the stairs over a lift at your office building.

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